back to article Serverless? There’s more than one way to run a function

Serverless computing might be the way of the future, but to some it can also look suspiciously like a whole new crop of walled gardens. That’s why when we open the doors at Serverless Computing London in four weeks' time, you’ll find a programme that is vendor agnostic and focused on real world business, meaning whatever your …


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  1. _LC_

    The 'can't do anything right' looking for new buzzwords

    Does it come with a blockchain at least? Coz I won't buy it, if there's no AI in there.

  2. SaleNowOn

    How much !

    That looked quite interesting until I looked at the price.... Think I'll save on a couple of tickets and buy a new laptop instead... (If anyone has any suggestions on a bomb proof laptop to replace my 6 year old Sony Vaio)

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