back to article Enterprise IoT security sucks so much, it's made Intel and Arm work together to tackle it

Intel on Monday joined hands with Arm, its occasional rival, in an attempt to make the notoriously dismal state of Internet-of-Things security less so. The two chip designers aren't concerned with consumer IoT devices, which can be expected to remain a hot mess; rather they hope to provide corporate customers with a way to …

  1. _LC_ Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    incoming ARM ME

    RISC V to the rescue

  2. redpawn Silver badge

    Security is job one

    This proves the good nature of corporations in difficult times, coming together to solve complex problems for the betterment of all except people.

  3. SomeIoTSecGuy

    Details also at TechCon'18 this Wednesday

    Intel and Arm are also covering this in a full session at Arm TechCon'18 in San Jose, Wednesday, October 17, 2:30-3:20 in Executive Ballroom 210G.

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