back to article Icahn to Dell investors: You can't touch this DVMT offer

Michael Dell could be about to lock horns again with Carl Icahn - the activist investor is opposed to Dell Technologies offer to buy DVMT tracker stock at a price he claims will rip off existing shareholders. Half a decade or so ago, Icahn challenged Dell the man over his plans to take Dell private, arguing it undervalued the …

  1. ma1010

    The stock market...

    Stocks, trackers, "mathematical value," "swap value"...

    With any type of business or contract, when it gets really complex, you know someone, somewhere, is getting screwed (usually you, if you're involved). Glad I don't own any of this crap, because I'm sure I'd be getting the shaft.

  2. stiine Silver badge

    silver lake or icahn

    Which one do I like the least...its a tossup.

  3. Tom 35

    Stop calling he an investor, activist any kind

    He is just a corporate raider. He will set you on fire if he can make a buck doing it.

    The world will be a little better the day he kicks the bucket.

  4. Steve Knox

    “In my opinion it is better to have peace than war..."

    Anyone familiar with your modus operandi knows better than that, Carl.

  5. EveryTime

    It's Icahn. He's not there for fair treatment of all shareholders. He's always angling for a shakedown where he gets paid more than others.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Yes, he's basically giving them a choice. Up the payout to the $144 he claims it is worth, or shut him up by paying him on the side (known as "greenmail") to go away - usually done via a private purchase of his shares at a higher than market price.

      The average investor will only see a gain if Dell is forced to go to $144. If Icahn capitulates, the little guy won't see a dime. Icahn wins either way, so he doesn't care whether the little guy wins or not.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        When elephants dance, mice should run for cover...

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