back to article China's clampdown on Tor pushes its hackers into foreign backyards

Underground hacker forums in China and Russia are as different as each country's regular shopping bazaars, according to research from Recorded Future. Both Russian and Chinese forums host a wide variety of international content. Russian forums rarely if ever feature data dumps from Russian firms. By contrast, data dumps and …

  1. Chris Miller

    Sorry to hear you're leaving ElReg, John. Another sad loss. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

  2. Ben Tasker

    Well Done

    So in clamping down, what the CN Government have done here is help ensure that data stolen from Chinese businesses is now available to an international audience instead of being largely restricted to a domestic market (of sorts), so non-Chinese actors have easier access to data they can use to target Chinese citizens and businesses (and, potentially, the Gov itself)

    That sounds like a goliath step backwards to me, though it'd obviously be spun as "we caused 90% of Chinese hacker forums to close" instead. Another lesson in why it's important to target the behaviour and not the medium.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: Well Done

      You are assuming the Chinese government care more about its citizens and businesses than in preserving its ideological position & power through media control.

      1. Is It Me

        Re: Well Done

        A lot of Chinese businesses are at least partially government owned, so their details spilling all over the internet would be a big loss of face for the Chinese government.

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