back to article Compose yourselves: Western Digital chucks some bucks at Kaminario

Western Digital has invested in all-flash array supplier Kaminario, which supports WD's composable systems technology. Western Digital's OpenFlex Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) initiative envisages NVMe-over-Fabrics-connected OpenFlex hardware with E3000 and D3000 flash and disk drive enclosures, Kingfish open APIs …

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    HPE comment

    John C. Tran of HPE Global Product Communications tells us by mail: “Although Eyal David attempted to define our solution, it is factually incorrect. HPE Synergy, with built-in HPE OneView, is based on an open ecosystem with over 30 partners who support direct integrations, including VMware, Microsoft, Ansible by Red Hat, and Chef. HPE OneView was designed with an open REST API from its inception, and our partners provide key integrations to use HPE OneView directly with their products.

    “HPE also provides popular open source SDKs and language bindings for PowerShell, Python Go, Java, Redfish, and Ruby. These direct integrations and tools allow customers to integrate with a wide range of data center orchestration platforms.”

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