back to article Phew! Digital ad revenues to save Amazon's business model – analyst

The billions of dollars in ad revenue that Amazon is turning over each quarter will bankroll the capital expenditure of new data centre builds at AWS for years to come, sustaining the business model. So said Steve Brazier, CEO at respected industry-watcher Canalys, at its Barcelona conference today. Until now, Brazier had …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Presumably Amazon's gain is Google's loss

    Or is at least in the longer term. At the moment it is possible that the continued enthusiasm of advertisers to transfer budgets to online will disguise what has to be a zero-sum game at least from a market share perspective.

    More competition for Google ought to be a good thing, but a duopoly won't change much in terms of the balance of market power, nor improve the poor transparency and crap returns of online ad spending.

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