back to article AI lifeline to help devs craft smartmobe apps that suck a whole lot less... battery capacity

Artificial intelligence can help developers design mobile phone apps that drain less battery, according to new research. The system, dubbed DiffProff, will be presented this week at the USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation conference in California, was developed by Charlie Hu and Abhilash Jindal, who …

  1. Korev Silver badge


    We've seen that application developers prioritise the shiny functionality at the expense of security; I assume the same might apply here. I hope I'm wrong though!

    The only way I can think of getting around this would be for Google & Apple to force profiling onto the apps on their phones.

  2. _LC_

    Open source can fix this

    Making the sources public (open source) can help fixing it. This is why I always prefer the open source version to a proprietary one.

  3. MrMerrymaker

    I know what will help battery life!

    I know a way you can avoid recharging several times a day!

    And it only takes a few seconds!

    No AI required!

    Removable battery and carry some spares. How about that, smartphone manufacturers?

    1. ITS Retired

      Re: I know what will help battery life!

      And/or thicker smart phones to allow for bigger batteries. Paper thin phones are not being driven by the consumers. It is being driven by the manufactures, so they can say, "Hey lookie, something new and different.

  4. Flakk

    Remember the days when you didn't have to charge your phone several times a day?

    Yes. I even remember the days when AI wasn't constantly touted as having the potential to be your own, personal Jesus Christ.

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