Is the LOHAN project officially dead.

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  1. CmdrX3

    Is the LOHAN project officially dead.

    I don't know what put this into my head but I was curious if LOHAN is over or if someone else has taken up the mantle of Lesters dream (rest his soul). Last I heard it was over in Spaceport US somewhere awaiting FAA permission for a launch. Basically I was just curious if the project was now dead or if it's still just buried in officialdom. It still would be nice to get that bird in the air.

    1. Fenke F.

      Re: Is the LOHAN project officially dead.

      We are still working on approval however we do have a new lead on finally getting it. We hopefully will be able to publish a few articles about it again soon, once this lead actually gets us somewhere.

      Keep a look out for the articles in a few months as we are still working on making LOHAN fly.

    2. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Is the LOHAN project officially dead.

      Fenke ^ is our project lead on LOHAN, and I echo what she says.

      It has been dormant, due to legal and paperwork issues – it's hard getting the permission to fly the thing through multiple airspaces as both a balloon and as a drone-ish rocket.

      However, a plan is coming together, slowly, involving a launch site that thinks it can get us the necessary permissions. Stay tuned! Bear in mind we're still trying to run a news website at the same time.


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