1. Conundrum1885


    Hi, has anyone run into "dead" BIOS's on laptops etc?

    I had some success back in the day doing crisis recovery but it rarely lasted.

    Maybe the chips wear out?

    Seem to notice it more on 25x08 and 25x16, the higher density ones seem better.

    Had one the other day where it sits on a flashing cursor and nothing else.

    Interesting fault though, often can't get into the BIOS at all which almost suggests some

    form of malware.

    I had this happen on a lot of older "mini" netbooks including the AOA110, AOA150 and others such as the NC10 and NC130 as they all use similar chipsets.

    Other affected machines: C650/660, etc invariably using DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

    thanks, -A

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