back to article IT bods, beware! AWS claims Storage Gateway appliance doesn't need you to manage it

AWS has wheeled out a hardware appliance for feeding hybrid clouds to non-techies – a pre-loaded Dell EMC box for its Storage Gateway. amazon river In the cloud storage gateway game? Prepare to be Amazoned READ MORE "This means that you can now make use of Storage Gateway in situations where you do not have a virtualized …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    oh thank God, finally!!!

    It's been such a dred thinking about shifting to the cloud with all the VM sandboxing breakouts, Government Bit-Buckets unsecured, etc, etc...

    Now we can feel safe and cozy laying off our Security Team that refuses to budge from the traditional (read: boring) Corporate silo mindset set and finally setting our digits free!

    on the plus side ~ if something "does" go wrong: not our fault! I'm sure our customers will agree...

  2. disk iops

    overbuilt much?

    2 big xeons and 128GB of ram? WT frack are they running on the silly thing?

    4 cores and 8GB of ram is plenty to be a NAS head. Even if you want to super-size it to 8/32 that's still massively over-sized.

    1. unredeemed

      Re: overbuilt much?

      Things that could leverage the HW are deduplication, compression and other advanced data services. It's future proofed. I see no issue with this.

    2. Spazturtle Silver badge

      Re: overbuilt much?

      Not sure how much data you store but "2 big xeons and 128GB of ram" sounds about right for a NAS handling lots of data.

      As a general rule of thumb for mission critical NASs you should have at minimum 1GB RAM per 1TB of storage.

    3. JRW

      Re: overbuilt much?

      As others have mentioned if you are going to run services such as compression and deduplication then these will consume both RAM and CPU cycles (nothing is free).

      As well as the volume of data (TB) mentioned the number of files/objects also matters as this generates additional metadata (nothing is free).

      The other factor not mentioned is the number of concurrent users. 8GB of RAM may be fine for a home NAS serving music to Sonos etc. for a few users, 5-10 active connections tops? Plenty of small businesses might not stress 8GB, and things like OneDrive may make more sense than a Cloud gateway for these users anyway. When the number of connections may run into 1,000s then more resource is needed (nothing is free).

      Obviously some things are free, like open source software, which often turns out to be free like a puppy. (Even free stuff isn't free.)

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