back to article Danube diss: Cloud spending to outstrip Slovakia's GDP this year

What sector of tech is forecast to grow fatter than the Slovakian economy or Elon Musk’s ego in 2018? The cloud. Global spending on the fluffy white stuff is predicted by mystics at Gartner to reach $175.8bn this year. If the House of Crystal Ball Strokers are right - they’ve been wrong before - then that will equate to a rise …

  1. Kev99

    Using the cloud, an object that's a bunch of holes held together with vapor, for your business? Kiss your proprietary, confidential, necessary, critical files goodbye, along with your reputation. Just ask British Airways.


    I agree with Kev99. All the Cloud does is rent you your own data and apps back at you, losing all control and security in the process. There is no real point unless you are too incompetent to set up a VPN so you can work from home using your own work server. The only way to have any security is to set up your own server, not rent from the Cloud where not only do other people manage your data, but they do it in a very insecure way because their whole goal is sharing not security.

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