back to article All aboard the Hype Cycle! What's DataOps? Well, it has no standards or frameworks. Got it?

Gartner has turned its annual Hype Cycling gaze upon data management and found that – shock – expectations of Blockchain remain hopelessly inflated. The Hype Cycle chart is an illustration of the analysts' theory that tech follows a depressingly familiar path every time a new shiny appears. It is first lauded by some press, is …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "without any standards or frameworks"

    And presumably without any firm definition either but most likely old-fashioned SQL-based reports, spreadsheets end the like won't be shiny enough to count.

  2. BigAndos

    "without any standards or frameworks"

    Most companies I've worked for have been handling data like that for years. Turns out they were all marketing leaders and way ahead of their time!

  3. DJV Silver badge

    "entire technologies can disappear into obscurity from the heights of hype without ever becoming useful"

    "Gartner will one day disappear into obscurity from the heights of hype as it has never done anything useful"


    1. Shadow Systems Silver badge

      *Gleefully RiverDances on the upvote button*

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ah. DevOps

    So data ops will be as overhyped as DevOps, which we all realize was always some buzzword-loaded pile of platitudes and already-known advice. Does the same apply to serverless, agile, etc.? If so, you'd probably better inform the people who make sure there's a post about just these things here every week. I know that's not the actual articles, but they're still discussing DevOps as if we don't know that it's not new.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ah. DevOps

      Fresh from inflicting the term DevOps on all and sundry

      Those bastards!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    DataOps is exactly what was formerly known as business process management. If you look at my personal ontology, it's filed under Intelligence Engineering. Anything that manipulates data into information gets chucked into that bucket including AI/ML. My favorite bucket as a matter of fact.

  6. DCFusor Silver badge

    What about actually good and useful ideas?

    Do those have to go through this cycle, or are they just adopted?

    Seems to me the ones going through the cycle are the ones that give someone

    the opportunity to "assume authority" and charge for teaching how to implement said

    idea, which as JoS mentions, is often an old one anyway with a new name or spin.

    Which does, of course, generate ad revenue and paid postings in media for those

    selling "whatever we can spin that makes you need my services" - and without the

    media component, there's no hype at all outside the's quarantined...

  7. SVV Silver badge

    Once you've ruined DBA jobs too with this nonsense

    You can start a new hype bringing business analysts and system analysts into the scene too. All hail the next wave of hype : AnalOps.

    1. Robert D Bank

      Re: Once you've ruined DBA jobs too with this nonsense

      feels like we've already been subject to AnalOps for a very long time given the pain in the arse all this hyped BS causes.

  8. erans

    DataOps is a new term for established methodologies

    DataOps will NOT go through the classic Gartner cycle of "hype" then "disillusionment." It will go straight to the plateau of productivity.

    The reason is that DataOps is not new. Let me rephrase. It is a new term for several well-established methodologies being applied to data analytics. You can't argue against lean manufacturing (statistical process control), Agile development, version control, component-based development, automated orchestration, ... DataOps is all these things put together and applied to data operations. If you focus on methodologies that you know will add value, then you can't go wrong.

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