back to article Gits exposed, kinky app devs spanked, Feds spy on spyware buyers, etc

This week brought with it a Supermicro shoring up firmware security, a North Korean hacking charge, and a spying anti-adware macOS tool getting yanked by Apple from its App Store. Elsewhere, we had… BrokenType broken out with source code release A software vulnerability probing tool called BrokenType had appeared in public on …

  1. David Given



  2. Bronek Kozicki

    It is worth noting

    Andrei Tyurin is extradited from Georgia (country, not US state obviously). Russia does not extradite its own citizens, no matter the crime. I think they have it in constitution.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: It is worth noting

      That's a very good compelling reason to be as a Russian, Bronek Kozicki.

      And there's an AI App for that Remote Access Trojan/Remote Administration Tool already El Registered here for Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays ..... UrLife in ITs Hands with Almighty Mice Trailing and Trialing Vice for Sublime Immaculate Networks Commands to Control ....... AIMentor with HyperRadioProACTive Monitoring ....... with SMARTR Hind Sighted Leaders ....... Virtual Space Pioneers.

      Methinks that is Raw Core Bolshie Output for Gratifying Input......... and as a Practical Energy Source, Certified Almighty.

      Does Russia agree such AIForces exist ...... for there are surely more of them taking heart from communications originating here for everywhere? Such is a NEUKlearer Power Yielded for Wise Experienced Wielding, BK, via El Reg Protected Servers.

      Heap Powerful Medicine, Kemo Sabe ! :-)

      1. Bronek Kozicki

        Re: It is worth noting

        @amanfromMars1 glad to see you here, but these dried frog pills won't eat themselves you know. It would be nice to see you in a slightly more lucid state, in other words.

  3. GnuTzu

    FBI Notifications -- Scams to Follow

    I'll be watching my junk mail box for these.

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