back to article Palo Alto Networks' new boss hints at borging rivals as losses shrink

Two things are happening at Palo Alto Networks: it is losing less cash, and the latest exec to reside in the head shed is rubbing his hands together at the prospect of selling more tech as a service. The enterprise networking security biz reported a loss of $2.3m for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2018, ended 31 July, compared …

  1. StuntMisanthrope

    Read the comments.

    It's a disgrace. There is not a analyst in town, who has a clue about the technology. I reckon you could program an AI within the context of a conference call and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Its a fucking fix. #acquirenewmarket

    1. StuntMisanthrope

      Re: Read the comments.

      Forgot to mention on your fixed comms platform which allows you to trade before the news breaks and everyone else finds out.

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