back to article Gitpod git-bolts git-IDE onto GitHub for in-browser code git-editing

Developers who use GitHub – 28 million at last count – now have the option to edit code with the click of a button using Gitpod, an integrated development environment (IDE) that can be launched directly from the social code hosting site. Based on Theia, an open source cloud-and-desktop IDE developed by Ericsson, IBM, TypeFox …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge

    is this going to perform like google docs?

    Is this online direct editing (apparently) javascript eldritch abomination "editor" going to perform like GOOGLE DOCS and be SO SLOW as to become VIRTUALLY UNUSABLE? Because, I don't think you can get around the latency and network performance issues by WISHING for it.

    And yeah, subscription pricing is next, right? (if I read the tail-end of the article correctly, it is)

    Somehow I think a good old-fashioned "git pull", local edit, and "git push" would do better. There's already an editor of sorts for merging, and I'm not amused by it. It's kinda "piggy" and not impressive in the least.

    But I suppose it *could* get worse.

    /me thinks: just because you CAN does not mean you SHOULD.

  2. mangobrain

    Windows support?

    As someone who (very sporadically) maintains a couple of small open-source, cross-platform side projects, what I'd be interested in is the prospect of Windows support for the thing. Having been burned by hobbyist Windows development in the (distant) past - in my experience, once you've installed Visual Studio and necessary SDKs, a machine will never quite be the same again, and the experience for integrating with third-party libraries is (was?) horrendous - my approach to cross-platform development is "do all the work on Linux, use a build system which supports cross-compiling, cross my fingers and hope the result runs in WINE". Currently I'm toying with Meson on Fedora, and can at least get that far.

    However, if you do actually use any third-party libraries, and want to ship something more complex than just a single executable, you'll want to actually take care of bundling your dependencies & check that the finished package actually runs out-of-the-box on another machine - maybe even make an installer. Even assuming you've used a good build system, and written clean code, that kind of stuff is the 1% of cross-platform development which takes 99% of the time. It's also trickier to do without actually using Windows, which makes for a frustrating combination of virtual machines and/or constant rebooting between Linux & Windows, especially when working on something alone, in your own free time.

    Forgive my ignorance, but what are the chances of having, say Windows with Visual Studio, MinGW, and WiX in a Docker image to use with this?

  3. cat_mara

    "Based on Theia, an open source cloud-and-desktop IDE developed by Ericsson, IBM, TypeFox and RedHat, Gitpod can be invoked by prefixing a GitHub URL with "" or using a Chrome browser extension.

    "Gitpod runs in a cloud-based Kubernetes container using a Docker image that can be customized with user-specified tools. It will check out the appropriate version of file being examined in the IDE and, when working on a GitHub issue, it will create a git branch and set the commit message. If launched from a pull request, it activates code review mode."


    What do I win, then?

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