back to article Computacenter goes Dutch, picks up Misco's Netherlands biz

The cash reserves at Computacenter (CC) – one of Europe's largest tech resellers – are a little lighter today after it slurped Misco Netherlands. The buy will see some 200 people transfer from Misco Solutions BV in Amstelveen to the new parent, and will add a chunk of sales to CC's top line: €134m in 2017, according to Misco's …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Friends in high places

    We'll rely on Adolf, eh, Angela to teach them the meaning of 'hard Brexit'.

    1. Len

      Re: Friends in high places

      The Bicycle Man will just deny it or try to blame it on the EU.

  2. The Godfather
    Thumb Up

    Good buy

    Met Misco's Netherlands based business several times many years ago. They were always invariably better run than their UK Parent and because of performance, were left alone to do their thing. This is a good buy for Computacentre and a good result for Misco Netherlands.

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