back to article Google sets Kubernetes free with $9m in its pocket for expenses

Now that the Google-born open-source Kubernetes project has come of age, its proud corporate parent is setting it free on the path to maturity and independence with sizable wad of cash to get it started in its new home. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which oversees various open source projects like Kubernetes and …

  1. Steve Button


    And with all that money they can choose where to prioritise, so for example developing tools which work with the largest cloud provider (AWS) first... oh wait, it's not money. It's GCP resource.

    I'm sure this probably won't make one jot of difference to anything, will it? Who owns Kops? Is that independent or from CNCF? Perhaps I'm being too cynical.

    1. Steve Aubrey

      Re: Freedom!

      I see it as Google setting an example. Yes, they had to let Kubernetes go in order to give it independence. They gave it a nice cushion in the $9M of services. I'm betting that AWS and Azure will step up and provide similar padding to the now-solo foundation.

      I knew of someone who worked in an airline ticketing office at a military post. They could write tickets for any airline that serviced the destination requested. It wasn't bribery, but a lot of different airlines offered him perks to remember them when ticket-writing time came around. Azure and AWS aren't stupid. If Kubernetes works well with their playground (which it already does, but it could probably be better), they will also give the foundation some free playground space.

      Prediction, not prophesy.

    2. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      Re: Freedom!

      Yeah, I think you're being unrealistic. It is precisely because of the independence of CNCF that Google is offering it services. Basically, this is calling out AWS & Azure, and saying that it's not going to shoulder any more of the costs of developing for their platforms.

      Of course, this also has the effect of making it slightly more difficult for newcomer cloud providers, but there has to be a limit...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seriously folks...

    What can this bloated shit do that Econet couldn’t do 40 years ago?

    No clock.

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