back to article Wickr gets slicker with fresh network tricker: Privacy-protecting domain fronting alternative emerges

Encrypted comms service Wickr has hooked up with Psiphon, a maker of censorship circumvention tools, to provide an alternative to domain fronting as a defense against prying eyes online. Domain fronting is a technique for hiding requested network hostnames from those monitoring your internet traffic. It presents one hostname …

  1. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

    Is that Wicker Man in the title picture,....

    ... the one from beside the M5?

    Shame the Morrisons warehouse dominates the view now.

  2. GnuTzu

    SSL Inspection/Intercept

    Oh my--another reason organizations with web proxies will need to do SSL inspection/intercept, as that is the only way to see and block mismatched URL host names within an encrypted CONNECT.

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