back to article Whistleblower org chief quits over Assange critic boot demand

The director of whistleblower support outfit the Courage Foundation has quit after being told to pull support from Barrett Brown following some barbed comments he made about Julian Assange. Naomi Colvin walked out of the foundation after “three of Courage’s trustees wrote to me demanding that I inform Barrett Brown that he …

  1. macjules

    That reminds me of a joke ...

    Assange, Pilger and Vivienne Westwood walk into a bar with their pets.

    The barman says, “tell you what lads and lady, if your pets can do a trick I’ll stand you free drinks all night”

    Westwood’s chihuahua runs around the room, collects stray threads and creates a small tartan jacket, in true punk mode.

    Pilger’s dog jumps up, knocks his smartphone out of his hand and taps out a Pulitzer Prize- winning story.

    “That’s bloody amazing” says the barman. “What can your cat do Mr Assange?”.

    Assange’s cat persuades the dogs to put up bail money, fucks them both and pisses off to whine in the broomcupboard.

  2. Florida1920

    In solidarity with Assange

    Colvin blows the whistle on Courage. Where this will end one can only imagine.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: In solidarity with Assange

      A sign of the end times? You know, like using Google to search for Google.

  3. Fazal Majid

    You've got to respect her for her integrity.

    As for Assange, isn't it a rather big conflict of interest for him to be both trustee and beneficiary?

    1. Mark 85

      That doesn't seem right. Then again, this is Assange we're speaking of and maybe this is just part of his "self-promotion" persona.

    2. K

      Given the psychosis he's developed, they are probably 2 separate individuals / personalities / voices - Assange the Oppressed and Assange the Criminal.

      1. m0rt

        Which are both controlled by Assange the Puppet Master....

  4. Andy Mac

    Any good Wikileaks ever did has been eclipsed by this bellend and his antics.

  5. _Cryptome_

    Dissing Contest

    Assange-Brown-Courage imbroglio has the markings of a spy operation to foster dismay, dispute, disagreement, disgust, disillusion among allies.

    1. phuzz Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Dissing Contest

      I can see where you're going with this. If you wanted to destroy an organisation like Wikileaks, that was proving so embarrassing to the US government (and others), what better way to derail all their plans and sink them into disrepute, than to put a narcissistic arsehole like Assange in charge?

      So do you think Ecuador are in on this plan, or are unwitting dupes?

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Dissing Contest

      "Assange-Brown-Courage imbroglio has the markings of a spy operation to foster dismay, dispute, disagreement, disgust, disillusion among allies."

      Vivienne Westwood is an NSA sleeper agent!!!

  6. _LC_
    Big Brother

    Transparent dumplings

    Of course, not the people who did - and still do - all that evil (murdering innocents in huge numbers, lie about pretty much everything all the time) are the culprits, it's the messenger.

    That's what this series of turds wants you to believe.

    Oh, Assange is so evil!

    What did he (and others) make public again? Never mind! Assange is so evil!


    1. m0rt

      Re: Transparent dumplings

      Don't think he is evil. Just a narcissistic prick who thinks he is some kind of saviour, whose story has ultimately dwarfed Wikileaks and done more harm to that organisation than good.

  7. CarlWoods

    Very interesting comments ..

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    concerned ... [by] online far right in support of Assange.

    > Some in pro-whistleblower circles have grown concerned by what they

    > see as the rise of the online far right in support of Assange.

    If the right on politically correct are going to drop their favourites if the wrong people say they support them, then life is going to get very complicated in PC Ville, and there will be potential for the right to really mess with their heads... Lets look for Nigel Farage making speeches about the things he supports about Jeremy Corbyn:-)

    1. Sixtysix

      Re: concerned ... [by] online far right in support of Assange.

      Far right? Really? And supporting that kind of publication of information?

      Surely... that is idealogically more aligned to socialist and liberal viewpoints, so by "far right" we mean "so far to the right they've wrapped to the left" (or vice versa).

      I've always kind of suspected that at the extreme's of political (note small "p") expression there's no "right" or "left", just "extreme".

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