back to article Oracle-botherer Rimini Street throws off credit shackles, plans 'aggressive' sales drive

Software support biz Rimini Street said it planned an "aggressive" investment in sales and marketing as it posted a 20 per cent boost in both revenues and client numbers. The thorn in Oracle’s side has previously complained that covenants in a refinancing deal had put a caps on its sales spending. But the firm's latest …

  1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

    No such thing as bad publicity

    The good thing about the lawsuit is that it's brought Rimini Street into the public eye as a provider of support services for Oracle products, so perhaps they can write off the cost of the suit as marketing expenses.

    "Rimini Street: So Good That Oracle Sued Us!"

    "Oracle Hates This One Weird Trick To Lower Your Support Costs!"


    1. whoseyourdaddy

      Re: No such thing as bad publicity

      "so perhaps they can write off the cost of the suit as marketing expenses."

      Freetards will always want cheap access to Oracle software, patches, and app notes?

      I have to side with Orrible on that one.

      Have to make sure the legal payables always get paid on that one.

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