back to article NHS Digital to fling half a billion quid at new GP procurement framework

The NHS is planning an £450m overhaul of its outdated contractural framework used to supply IT systems and services to GP practices with a new, modular IT framework. NHS Digital has launched a prior information notice (PDF) to launch market engagement activities for a GP IT Framework. This will provide a contract mechanism for …

  1. Camilla Smythe


    Oh Dear. Looks like that one is going to time out.

    Oh Fuck I am so Fucking Stupid.

    Looks like they have all fucked off.

    So Dominic Cummings gets to smear the NHS Logo over his Vote Leave Shit and nothing happens but....

    Linux Haters can Fuck off as Well.

  2. LeahroyNake

    Half a what

    Half a million will not even cover the cost of the PA of the lowest bidder.

    I expect most of us here could meet a spec.... if it was set in stone. The problem it they can't set a specification and stick to it. Therefore Crapita wins while everyone else loses.

  3. Corporal

    Half a billion, not half a million

    "Value excluding VAT: (for framework

    agreements or dynamic purchasing

    systems – estimated total maximum

    value for the entire duration of the

    framework agreement or dynamic

    purchasing system): 450000000.00"

  4. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

    Half a million only means a week's work for a consultant who'll do ... ummmm ... something.

  5. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Set the data transmission standards and let everyone else choose whatever they want

    And no central support for any products.

    If a company wants to write their own super duper new modules they support it, not dump the support costs on the NHS.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Set the data transmission standards and let everyone else choose whatever they want

      Except other parts of the NHS need to interact with these systems. If each vendor creates their own custom modules you just created a nightmare of individual ETL processes. What’s that? You specified the transmission standard so thought that would solve that problem? You clearly haven’t dealt with NHS data submissions before, the standards are not always kept to.

  6. Will Godfrey Silver badge



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