back to article Extreme Networks? Extreme Share Price Crash, more like

Extreme Networks’ share price almost halved after its Q4 financials hit the wires on Wednesday, in spite of the US network infrastrucutre kit-maker reporting a double-digit bounce in turnover. It serves as a timely reminder that tech companies miss Wall Street forecasts at their peril. While revenues rose 56 per cent to $278. …

  1. sitta_europea Silver badge

    So how did the net worth look?

  2. Nate Amsden

    loyal customer for ~19 years

    Been a small but loyal customer of Extreme's for about 19 years now(always felt a bit bad seeing Extreme hardly ever mentioned on El reg, though now more so since they acquired the Brocade data center assets for whatever reason), though technically I guess they wouldn't count me as a paying customer until about 2004, purchases before that were made off of ebay. Not super excited myself about their recent acquisitions I did like their "one platform" (XOS) story(much like HP 3PAR's one platform small to big story) that they had before that(my first XOS was BlackDiamond 10k in 2004). I went to a conference of theirs earlier this year and didn't like what I heard, mostly "ignore what we've been saying for the past 8+ years we like this new stuff better". Though I had been ignoring what they had been saying for the past 8+ years anyway since it was about M-LAG which sounds nice though I never had a real interest in that approach either.

    But whatever, as long as XOS keeps chugging along, there hasn't been a feature they have added that I've cared about in a long long time, my network architectures haven't changed since 2005(ESRP + virtual routers), so as long as that stuff keeps going, hopefully stable since it is mature I'll be happy and ignore the other messaging about their new brocade data center kit(never been a fan of Trill anyway myself). Also not sold on FCoE either, am happy with isolated fibre channel networks for storage.

    People have been telling me Extreme is going out of business since at least 2004 (back then it was Foundry Networks who was spouting that, ironically enough look where Foundry is now), then when Extreme turned down the Juniper acquisition, then several other things along the way.. somehow they manage to keep going though.

    The pitch is they will be able to better grow these multiple businesses now that they are a billion $ company, rather than the several smaller ones that struggled before. Seems like a tall order, I hope they didn't take on too much debt and other bad things as a result of this stuff.

    Their new security and intelligence story really reminded me of their same story back in 2005 with the Black Diamond 10k(with FPGAs I assume, though they called them "Programmable ASICs" at the time) and their Sentriant technology along with ClearFlow. Now of course things are better technology wise but found that amusing all of the stuff they were touting at this conference I was at I literally heard them tout 13 years ago. It sounds cool for sure, my org's got no budgets for that stuff though so doesn't matter anyway.

    I tell people if you want to make a career out of networking then go the Cisco/Juniper route(much more complicated), but if networking is only one of the things you do, chose something else. Other than ESRP, the ease of use of the Extreme platform is what has kept me happy. Certainly have had issues here and there over the years, but at least not the constant headaches of dealing with a Cisco (or Cisco like) CLI interface. Extreme believes CLIs will go away entirely in favor of fancy SDN. Maybe they will some day.. companies have been promising such things for a long time and so far hasn't happened. Not holding my breath.

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: loyal customer for ~19 years

      "Extreme is going out of business"

      Not likely, they are still making purchases to stay relevant.

      Where I worked decided to ditch Extreme for Cisco (Still not sure why, our Summit 5i's lasted literally forever, Summit 48's were rock solid, our newer Extremes such as X450 went way before they had even been run in). Our wireless controllers were replaced and because Motorola sold to Zebra who then sold to Extreme, we have some Extreme branded stuff back, annoying they aren't Purple, but I am tempted to bring in some paint to rectify that.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A company with big debt announces a loss.

    Are they in social media?

    IF ‘yes’ THEN triple share price

    ELSE halve it.

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