Door entry keypads -- top row bias

This topic was created by Peter Prof Fox .

  1. Peter Prof Fox

    Door entry keypads -- top row bias

    I've just been introduced to a number of places with door entry keypads. All the four digit codes start on the top row. (1xxx, 1xxx, 2xxx, 1xxx, 2xxx) This is old-people's homes so not ultra security. Is this common?

    Would anyone like to supply a triplets of

    [Total experience No, Top row start (incl 1), starts with 1]

    and we'll see if there is a 'one from the top then...' bias.

  2. onefang

    A place I have done some work at, there's a door I don't have the access code for. Accidental shoulder surfing has revealed the first two digits to me though, coz both digits are on the top row. I'm tall, I can usually see the top row from my view point over the other persons head.

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