back to article US trade ban hammers Chinese telco giant ZTE to the tune of $790m

Chinese phone and network maker ZTE has outlined the extent of the damage it suffered due to the early 2018 trade ban imposed by the US – a first quarter net loss of ¥5.4bn ($790m, £602m). shutterstock_222258445-roadblock ZTE now stands for 'zero tech exports' – US govt slaps 7-year ban on biz READ MORE The slide into loss …

  1. MrGutts

    No worries, they will be giving major tax breaks to make all that money back in a couple years.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems fitting for their crimes

    Considering their illegal sale/transfer of U.S. tech and other crimes the price seems quite reasonable. Personally I think the original 7 year sales ban to U.S. companies was a better option.

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