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  1. CheesyTheClown

    Lenevo and Cloudistics could be a fail

    So, I'm working a lot on private cloud these days. The reason is that none of the public cloud vendors meet my governance requirements for the system my company is developing.

    Azure Stack is out of the question because it requires that the platform is connected to the Internet for Azure AD. So... no luck there.

    I've been looking and looking and to be fair, the best solution I've seen is to simply install Linux, Kubernetes, Couchbase and OpenFaaS. With these four items, it should be possible to run and maintain pretty much anything we need. We'll have to contribute changes to OpenFaaS as it's still not quite the answer to all our problems, and we're considering writing a Couchbase backend for OpenFaaS as well. But once all that is covered, it's a much better solution than other things.

    That said, we keep our eyes open for alternatives. So when I saw a possible solution in this article, I went to check. It's a closed platform with no developer (or system administrator) documentation online. There's no open source links and there's no apparent community behind it.

    So, why in the world would anyone ever invest in a platform from a company like Cloudistics which no one has ever heard of, has no community and hence no "experts" and more than likely won't exist in 12 months time?

    If I were shareholder of a company who chose to use this solution in its current state, I would consider litigation for gross mismanagement of the company. This is an excellent example of how companies like Cisco, Lenevo, HPE and others are so completely out of touch with what the cloud is that white box actually makes more sense.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Lenevo and Cloudistics could be a fail

      You might want to check out Cisco&Google’s Container Platform which is refreshingly completely open.

      Just sat through a pretty good preso at Google Next

      1. CheesyTheClown

        Re: Lenevo and Cloudistics could be a fail

        This looks great, but suffers the same general problem as AzureStack.

        First of all, to be honest, from a governance perspective, I don't trust Google to meet our needs. If nothing else, I don't trust Google to respect safe harbour. Microsoft has now spent years fighting the US government with regards to safe harbour issues, but Google simply provides transparency related to them. I have absolutely nothing to hide personally, but for business, I have to be vigilant with regards to peoples medical and financial records. This is not information that any company outside of my country has legal right to. That means, I can't even trust a root certificate outside this country. That also means that I can't use any identity systems controlled by any company outside of this country. That means no Google login or Azure AD. That also means no Azure Stack or GCP.

        Beyond that, Cisco simply doesn't make anything even close to small enough for cloud computing anymore. They used to have the UCS-M series blades which were still too big. To run a cloud, you need a minimum of 9 nodes spread across 3 locations. The infrastructure cost of Cisco is far too high to consider this.

        It's much better to have more nodes in more locations. As such we're experimenting with single board computers like Raspberry Pi (which is too underpowered but is promising) and LattePanda Alphas which are too expensive and possibly overpowered to run a cloud infrastructure.

        We're looking now at Fedora (we'd choose RedHat, but don't know how to do business with them), Kubernetes, Couchbase and .NET Core. This combination seems to be among the most solid options on the market. We're also looking at OpenFaaS, but OpenFaaS is extremely heavy weight in the sense that it spins up containers for everything. Containers are insanely heavy to host a function. So we're looking into other means of isolating code.

        We're walking very softly because we know that as soon as a component becomes part of our cloud, it's a permanent part which will require 20-50 years support. We need something we know will run on new hardware and have support.

        Google is amazing and I'd love to use a hybrid cloud, but the problem with public clouds at all is that the money we could be spending on developers and engineers and supporting our customers is instead being burned on governance, compliance and legal. Instead, we need a full detached system which is why I was attracted by Lenevo's solution until it was clear that Cloudistics is focused only on selling to C-Level types and not to the engineers who will have to use it.

  2. J. Cook Silver badge

    I wacky-parsed 'BOHH Labs' as 'BOFH Labs'.

    Clearly, I chose the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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