back to article 400GbE party. Loud knock at the door. Music stops. In jumps Juniper

The next round of bonkers-fast upgrades to data center networks is going to be 400Gbps Ethernet – and Juniper Networks has joined the party with a suitable roadmap. This year has been something of a Year Of 400 Gbps Announcements, with Arista saying in February it expects trial deployments of its 400Gbps kit to start next year …

  1. IceC0ld

    400GbE party. Loud knock at the door. Music stops. In jumps Juniper

    yeah, yeah, they SAY 400 GB in the advertising, but the reality will probably be along the lines of "well, it IS 400 IF you lived closer to the exchange" :o)

  2. Korev Silver badge

    In reality?

    >today's typical server connectivity of 2 x 50Gbps

    Out of interest how many people actually do this? I suspect that a lot of places are still on 10GigE (or even just 1GigE) to each server.

  3. Alistair

    vast majority of our hardware is 1Gb/s (dual path) -

    Big Data does a *crapton* of stuff over the wire - it and our exadata infra are on 10Gb/s

    10Gb default connectivity is coming but oddly the backup infra is getting it first -- we really don't see the load on payload yet to make it worth it.

    Now, in the big data territory - I could happily use 100Gb/s or 400Gb/s -- just to remove the tendency of the horrifically conflicted HP/Cisco switch connections to go into throttle down. (although we've managed to get that mostly under control)

    1. Korev Silver badge

      On our HPC cluster we have 10GigE from node to NFS storage and FDR Infiniband (54Gb) to the Lustre scratch space.

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