back to article Pop that in the container, would you? HPE performs 3PAR array brain transplant

HPE has planted a Nimble InfoSight brain into its 3PAR system management and extended its DevOps middleware coverage to make 3PAR more container-friendly. AI Gulp. HPE's InfoSight self-repairs and makes 'proactive decisions' READ MORE InfoSight system management – which previously rejoiced in the live-yoghurt-sounding …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3PAR / InfoSight - Anything New in 2018

    And the InfoSight question is ... what has actually changed compared to November's announcement?

  2. sanmigueelbeer

    In November 2017 HPE said it was adding InfoSight facilities to its 3PAR storage arrays.

    That announcement was in November 2017 and it's just July 2018. I presume this system didn't have the luxury of "rigorous testing" & only "testing"?

    So can I safely presume that paying customers will be the guinea pig?

    HPE can always ask the Australian Tax Office.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The way I heard it the InfoSight team were pleasantly surprised with range of metrics 3PAR produced without changing any code so the task was much easier than initially anticipated. Various key InfoSight people have now left HPE but the plan all along was to shift a lot of the work to India so that should go at least as well as it did for the EVA.

      1. HPEStorageGuy

        What's new with InfoSight?

        The 3PAR InfoSight team has no one in India. The team focused on the integration is called the PEAK team. I talked a bit about them in a blog post I did yesterday.

        My blog post also talks about what is new with HPE InfoSight and 3PAR - it's the predictive case automation. The PEAK team is adding new digital signatures that allows the team to automatically open, resolve, and close cases. The other big thing that I didn't really mention is that the case automation is also able to resolve cases that are just "noise" - that would normally go to a support engineer but we can determine they don't need to and resolve them without involving a Response Center Support Engineer.

        HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito

        1. HPEStorageGuy

          Re: What's new with InfoSight?

          One other note about how we were able to do this so quickly:

          Yes, the Nimble Storage InfoSight team were pretty surprised to see how many sensors were already coded in the 3PAR OS. There's something like 7TB of data that is created per day per 3PAR array. That data has been sent "home" for years across an installed base of 75,000 3PAR units - so lots of opportunity for learning. What we didn't have before InfoSight was a predictive analytics platform to really dive into the data and learn from it.

          So have all that data is what has made integrating 3PAR with InfoSight easier than most would have thought. However, getting to that next step of case automation does take engineering resources to develop them. That said, the PEAK team is pushing out updates for 3PAR every two weeks so I expect the case automation to increase exponentially over the next few months.

    2. CIA

      There are over 13,000 customers running InfoSight on Nimble. We’ve tested it. InfoSight collects and analyzes info coming from systems and automatically takes corrective actions. This relieves the customers of having to engage in first and second tier support calls. The logic provides the reparations. As the article states, its already identified a slew of unseen issues on our 3PAR systems and fixed them without customer issues. In fact, issues are fixed before the customer knows they exist preventing outages, and InfoSight lets them know as a courtesy. If you have doubts, buy a Nimble or 3PAR system. If you dont like InfoSight let us know and we’ll make it right. We’re confident in its abilities. We have guarantees you know. And we stand by them... thats why HPE acquired Nimble among other things. Some say they have AI, we do AI every day, and our customers love us... we have the highest satisfaction metric in the industry. Dont knock it till you try it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    7TB of data that is created per day per 3PAR array - really?

    You sure you don't mean GB?

    7TB/day x 75,000 arrays x 365 = 191 exabytes per year

    Even at GB, that's still 191PB per year.

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