back to article Who watches Sony's watcher? Boffins poke holes in surveillance kit

Security researchers at Cisco Talos have found two serious flaws with Sony's network-facing surveillance kit, the IPELA E Series Network Camera. A command injection vulnerability in the measurementBitrateExec functionality could be abused to cause arbitrary commands to be executed in response to a maliciously contracted HTTP …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pot meet kettle?

    I bet they found the flaws a long time ago but have been hanging on to them so they could be publicised, oh, let's say a few days after Cisco has had to release a bunch of security updates themselves.

    1. Flakk

      Re: Pot meet kettle?

      ^ This. Cisco Talos should be prevented from publicly disclosing vulnerabilities for any other company's product, if within 30 days of the discovery of yet another backdoor in a Cisco product. We'd never hear from them again.

      Cisco Talos, please take out your own trash first.

  2. JohnFen

    Who trusts Sony?

    Those malware purveyors cannot be trusted with anything, but particularly not with anything related to security.

    1. tony2heads

      Re: Who trusts Sony?

      Indeed I haven't bought anything from them since the rootkit scandal

  3. Tromos

    "...found two serious flaws..."

    Three. It's made by Sony.

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