which domain registrar for email domain forwarding

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    which domain registrar for email domain forwarding

    I use a domain for email forwarding. My registrar is one of the canonical crappy ones but I haven't had any issues with what I use them for. My key requirements are

    100+ email forwarding addresses allowing multiple targets per forward

    eg me@watermusic.com --> me@emailservice.com, me@work

    mrs.me@watermusic.com --> mrs.me@emailservice.com

    youngchild@watermusic.com --> youngchild@emailservice.com, me@emailservice.com

    dad@watermusic.com --> dad@hisemailservice.com

    mum@watermusic.com --> mum@heremailservice.com

    Catch-all forward - ie anything not defined as above goes somewhere specific

    My current registrar meets these requirements. What I would like to add is sub-domains so that I can set up separate namespaces with their own specific and catch-all rules. It would also be neat to be able to set up wildcard/regex rules too but sub-domains would solve the same problems that I would use wild-cards for.

    Can anyone recommend a registrar service that would meet these needs?

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