back to article Look, what's that over there? Sophos nips Windows DNS DLL false positive in the bud

A Windows operating system library was wrongly identified as malware by Sophos's antivirus scanner for some users on Tuesday. Security software from Sophos quarantined dnsapi.dll, provoking a modest number of complaints on the antimalware maker's support forums. The main gripe seemed to be bogus alerts generated by the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Home Office scenarios... Curious what others are doing

    In our household, we used to spend ages measured in nuclear half-life - endlessly patching.. But we've stopped using active / live AV now. It was just too much of a PITA. Unexplained Crashes / CPU hogging, False positives, Slurp. Instead we just use sacrificial-lamb Mint boxes connected to the internet that can be rebuilt in a hour. Most critical dev is now done on air-gapped Windows machines primarily.

    For USB memory keys used in the field, we use Kaspersky virus removal tool to check after getting home. In general we're staying the hell away from AVG / Avast because they're just a sorry excuse for slurp. We did use Sophos standalone / AV checker, but they must have removed it as we stopped using it for some reason. McAfee / Symantec-Norton... Nothing good to report there, on the retail side anyway.

  2. David Nash

    So sounds like a case of "Small earthquake, not many dead"

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