back to article Russia's national vulnerability database is a bit like the Soviet Union – sparse and slow

Russia's vulnerability database is much thinner than its US or Chinese counterparts – but it does contain a surprisingly high percentage of security bugs exploited by its cyber-spies. Recorded Future's Priscilla Moriuchi and Dr Bill Ladd found the database is highly focused yet incomplete, slow to update, and "likely intended …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Two Russia cyber stories ..

    Two Russia cyber stories on the front page, all right we get it, Putin baaaaaadd man :]

    1. redpawn Silver badge

      Re: Two Russia cyber stories ..

      Can't imagine why anyone would have a negative view of Putin товарищ so right you are.

      1. Kabukiwookie Silver badge

        Re: Two Russia cyber stories ..

        Can't imagine why anyone would have a negative view of Putin

        It's just that a lot of people are tired as fsck about articles with a lot of whataboutery. For some reason, you don't see similar articles about US run sites like CERT, which for instance completely lacks any mention of where Student originates from (who'd have thunk it), but you don't see articles being written pointing this out (and that's good, because it would be just as useful as an article pointing out that water is wet).

        Everybody already knows that each government has their own intelligence machine and their own political motivations to point out what their 'enemies' are doing because they're evil.

        Please keep technical articles technical.

        And btw; insinuating that anyone complaining about this sort of this is a putinbot is so last year.

  2. David Glasgow

    Never mind the delay....

    That chart labels days to two decimal places. Harrumph!

    1. GrapeBunch

      Re: Never mind the delay....

      "Nevermind the days, here's the nights in a Moscow hotel with the sex pisstles."

      1. GrapeBunch

        Re: Never mind the delay....

        Rhymes with "missiles".

  3. martinusher Silver badge

    They probably use the American one

    These databases are used by everyone so I'd guess that the Russians primary reference is the American database with the Russian one being more of an Appendix.

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