back to article Commvault simplifies product count, condenses 20 into 4

Just three months after activist investor Elliott Management invaded Commvault’s board-level considerations, the company has announced a radical simplification of its product strategy, shoehorning 20 individual products into four master ones and pumping improvements into its channel program. CEO Bob Hammer has pounded the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    When is complete not complete?

    HyperScale Technology is an add-on for Commvault [not] Complete

    1. Aviato

      Re: When is complete not complete?

      HyperScale is the hardware appliance so it makes sense that it's sold separately. Not everyone needs hardware when they purchase data protection software.

  2. oli_from_germany


    "Commvault argues that these four products span a range of applications that other companies need multiple products to cover." ... yes, they need maybe 20 - this is what CV needed too before merging them into 4 - still 20 products at all? I really feel bad for my two large german customers trying to get an individual License agreement with CV for a year or so. Customer Feedback: "no one at CV knows their portfolio and licensing, it is nearly impossible to deal with them". Now they will start negotiations from the beginning....

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