back to article Desktop hypervisor fiends. Both of you. VMware's testing a new cut of Workstation

VMware’s quietly slipped out a Tech Preview of an update to Workstation, its desktop hypervisor for Windows and Linux. The most notable new bit appears to be a REST API that matches the one added to the 2017 edition of Fusion, VMware’s desktop hypervisor for the Mac. Once it arrives in Workstation it’ll allow automated testing …

  1. muhfugen

    It would be nice after all these years they would fix fundamental problems with their desktop hypervisors like Fusion being utterly incapable for automatically reconnecting to a vCenter server after the computer goes to sleep, instead of adding features like a REST API which few will use. Bugs like this show that their developers never actually use their own products in their daily workflows.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      VMware laid off all the Workstation devs and outsourced it. So you may literally be correct that the people writing this version never used the previous version.

  2. FIA

    Also new is support for the Wayland Architecture, a popular remote desktop tool.

    Do you mean the Wayland display server stuff? If so, yay! It's getting annoying not being able to use Wayland under VirtualBox, might give Workstation a look.

    1. herman Silver badge

      Does anybody actually use Wayland? It doesn't work with anything remotely (pun intended) useful, so even Ubuntu has now abandoned it.

      1. FIA

        Did Ubuntu ever use it? I thought they were doing their own thing called Mir. Which they have since abandoned?

        I've not made heavy use of it, and I will confess to a real dislike of X, but wayland seems to be pretty responsive the few times I've tried it. (I always find vanilla X feel like there's a slight lag between me and the PC).

  3. steviebuk Silver badge

    I've always.... VMWare Workstation. Learnt ESX-i from an old engineer at last place I worked as it's quite different to Workstation.

    However at new place I'm at they user Hyper-V so I'm having to play with that now. But getting it nested in VMWare Workstation is useful for playing until I turn my ESX-i dedicated machine into a Hyper-V machine.

    1. bazza Silver badge

      Re: I've always....

      My favourite non-serious achievement of all time: VMWare Player hosting ESXi, which in turn hosted a Windows domain controller, a VCentre Server and a number of clients. All on a laptop. All worked pretty well, considering, required a bit of tweaking to allow hardware support for virtualisation to be nested down into the guests.

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