back to article Micro Focus belches as it struggles to digest HPE Software

The integration of HPE Software into Micro Focus is running a year behind schedule due to a clash of sales cultures and setting up new IT systems. But at least the rate of falling revenues has slowed. So said Micro Focus chairman Kevin Loosemore and chief exec Stephen Murdoch, whose backside is still warming a seat vacated by …

  1. DrG

    Shocked! Shocked I say!

    The challenge was culture clash and backend IT integration? Wow... that's unusual...

    What did they expect the challenges would be? Prefered font size? Tab Vs spaces?

    1. Jonathon Desmond

      Re: Shocked! Shocked I say!

      Tabs vs Spaces is much harder to resolve......

  2. Jay Lenovo

    Big Purchase, Big Pepto

    So I introduced them to my trusted adviser, Joey Chestnut, for tips on consuming stuff in record time.

  3. Anonymal coward

    Lost opportunities...

    Given that much of the HPE stuff was predicate on minicomputer architectures that Fiorina killed off, it's not an obvious choice... Mind, I still have my MPE handbooks, I could help ...

    1. Mpeler

      Re: Lost opportunities...

      Especially ironic, considering one of the worst things to run on the 3K was "out of focus COBOL"...

  4. Mr Dogshit

    His name is Kevin Loosemore?

  5. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    His name is Kevin Loosemore?

    Crazy name.

    Crazy guy.

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