back to article Shop-lock, stock drop and barrelled results: Nasdaq threatens Tintri with delisting

The noose around Tintri's neck tightened today as Nasdaq confirmed it will delist the company's stock on Thursday July 12. The near-bankrupt, near office-less and employee-less Tintri was sent what's called a Staff Delisting Determination Letter from the US exchange that its shares are traded on, as the storage array biz has …

  1. 2Nick3

    "It's not looking good for array-flinger"

    Now that's an understatement, El Reg!

    "The storage arrage supplier revealed it would run out of cash at the end of June and nothing has happened to give customers any certainty that Tintri can survive."

    It certainly sounds like everyone should start using the past tense whenever talking about Tintri.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

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