back to article AT&T abducts AlienVault to bolster business end of its security probing

AT&T has agreed to acquire security intel specialist AlienVault for an unspecified pile of cash. The two companies announced the deal on Tuesday, saying that AlienVault would join AT&T Business as part of its enterprise and SMB security services. Specifically, the telco giant says that after the deal wraps up it will offer …

  1. earl grey Silver badge

    I suspect this is like their last promise

    You know, the one where they said they wouldn't raise rates when they acquired TW? What happened right after that went through; they raised rates. Oh, and they're still dumping employees like mad. Have to pay those exec bonuses somehow.

    1. GnuTzu Silver badge

      Re: I suspect this is like their last promise

      Yeah, as if mergers and acquisitions never ruined a useful product.

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Local Vault

    Is Room 641A having trouble with encrypted traffic?

  3. jsusanka

    what a joke

    if you can't beat them buy them. I guess they will be letting go of more employees now they have a new company. got to keep the bonuses coming.

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