back to article Huawei enterprise comms kit has a TLS crypto bug

Huawei has rolled patches to various enterprise and broadcast products to fix a cryptography bug. In late 2017 (inferred from the bug's Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures entry, CVE-2017-17174, which was reserved in December), the company discovered some products had an insecure encryption algorithm. The flaw could allow a …

  1. Tigra 07


    2017: US Gov considers Huawei dangerous to National Security because the may have backdoors.

    2018: Huawei fixes backdoors.

    2019: US Gov attacks Huawei publicly for not giving US Gov backdoors.

    1. Giovani Tapini

      Re: Prediction...

      Hardly a prediction, more a roadmap, just look at Kaspersky

  2. ChrisElvidge

    The optics of the disclosure

    Does "optics" now not mean "a device to dispense a fixed amount of a liquid"?

    What does the phrase mean in English?

  3. mhenriday

    Thanks, Richard,

    for warning us about how baaaad that Chinese kit is - after all, aside from being condemned by certain authorities in the US and Australia, whose reputations for impartiality and lack of bias are beyond reproach - it is the only kit ever to suffer from a security breach (which, in this case, have been patched). I suspect you typed this post on a computer with a Microsoft OS....


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