back to article PSA: Pure has a PSO. That is, it's getting into container orchestration

Last year flash array shipper Pure Storage built plug-ins so that container orchestrators, such as Docker and Kubernetes, running in a server could interact with an array and provision storage for a stateful container. As container usage increased, there was a need to scale out the arrays and servers, which meant repeated per- …

  1. SPGoetze

    Trident, anyone?

    "We can immediately see what a neat idea it would be if other vendors provided it for their arrays."

    Like NetApp has been doing for a while with the Trident project?

    Get it on GitHub...

  2. Chris Mellor 1

    NetApp and Trident

    Apparently NetAp's open source Trident container storage provisioner and orchestrator did PSO-type things for NetApp ONTAP and SolidFire storage back in 2016, as SPGoetze mentions above. I was pointed to this information - - by Gabriel Chapman via Twitter.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong layer, next!

    These "storage orchestrators" with a slight 2009 vintage is an idea that is dead and buried in most people's minds. If you're coming to town with an Enterprise-class storage array and can't do multi-array management through a single pane of glass and leverage your APIs from any container orchestrator out there, well, good luck trying to attract the chumps, they are few and far in between.

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