1. Conundrum1885

    Nuking media

    Hi folks.

    I have found something interesting, there is a second hand market for used SSDs and memory cards if they do still work.

    I usually just zerofill them but has anyone got a tool that checks the wear leveling data similar to the SMART on a conventional hard drive? I have yet to see anything like this but no doubt the manufacturers use it in production.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Nuking media

      You're looking for smartmontools, found at the imaginatively named smartmontools.org ... yes, they do SSDs, check their database to see if your device is supported. It probably is, I've never run across one that isn't.

      As a side-note, I haven't bought used media (unless already installed in a complete, running system, or to restore a dinosaur) since the days of floppy based systems. Try to remember, the prior owner sold it along for some reason ... are you sure you want to take on his/her problems? That's not a bet I'm willing to take; these machines are tools, not toys, and new is cheaper than my time is.

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