back to article Vodafone pinches mobe network nerd metrics from the mighty EE

Vodafone earned a fine for its rotten customer service, but it can now claim bragging rights as the best data network in three cities, as well as the lowest overall latency and ping rates on 4G. Tutela's latest crowdsourced network survey for May shows Vodafone narrowly ahead of the other big UK networks for packet trip time …

  1. ukgnome


    All over my keyboard.....guess voda had to win something eventually

    Although they are the only network that you can use in my village....but still

  2. Lee D Silver badge

    Three suits me fine. I get 30Mbps down, 20 up and it replaces all other Internet connections except my smartphone.

    I hate to say it, especially as I nearly sued them at one point, but they do quite well for a decent price on their SIM-only dongle deals.

    Happily live my entire online life via them, including all kinds of streaming, without issue.

    Vodafone, however, still haven't worked out how to let me order another SIM after the first one never arrived. I can't even sign up for another account on the same card, and the account I have I can't do anything with. They say I can resolve it by going into a shop, but that's not what I expect from a tech company. Shame, as they were my first choice and I was going to buy their addons so all my WhatsApp, iPlayer, etc. traffic wasn't counted, but they were too dumb to even get a SIM to me, or sort out the account problem.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Vodafone, however, still haven't worked out how to let me order another SIM after the first one never arrived.

      Can't say if the package works for you, but coverage-wise you could consider Talkmobile. They're owned and operated by Voda, the customer service is indistinguishably poor (as is the coverage round my neck of the woods), but they're probably running an identical instance of SAP, so your existing Voda SIM shouldn't be an issue?

  3. Bavaria Blu

    The future is exciting... Ready?

    Go Voda Go!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing new here

    Vodafone launched the 30 day thing well over a year ago, not sure why it's had a relaunch (or why people have forgot the original launch)

  5. Julian Garrett

    Makes you wonder what GWS was measuring...

    One of a kind those guys. No one else comes close (to getting their results)

  6. Wobbly World

    Here's an idea. A proper mesh network


    About time

    That OFCOM & The

    Government made all the

    Tel-coms share infrastructure

    Then we can have the Joy of a

    Truly meshed network DhOoo!??.

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