back to article New Python update slithers into release

Version 3.7 of anything probably doesn’t seem that notable, but stick with us here because Python 3.7, released on June 27th, 2018, is the programming language’s first big update in 18 months and adds plenty of new features. Improving speed was one of the aims for this release and Python’s keepers proudly report that the new …

  1. codejunky Silver badge


    I may have to try this out. I have a little python project I have been working on which is in python 2.7 but I edited it to python 3 as I would prefer it was up to date. Unfortunately the speed difference was far too large to be acceptable but if this has solved the issue I will give it another go.

  2. Hans 1

    New Python, new breakages, yeah!

    Obligatory xkcd:

    1. Chairman of the Bored

      A truly epic xkcd...

      ...especially since I lost two hours of my life this morning simultaneously fighting autoconf and matplotlib due to python revision hell... I think this calls for a pint.

      1. Multivac

        Re: A truly epic xkcd...

        There's an updated one where all the arrows point to the word Go.

      2. Tom 7

        Re: A truly epic xkcd...

        All this effort to re-invent dll hell.

        I was just reading up on pyenv for my teaching kids programming wot I am starting and then realised I've got 40 separate python installations on my system. I'm not sure I want to teach this to kids!

        1. Gene Cash Silver badge

          Re: A truly epic xkcd...

          Hm. My Debian box seems ok. I have the python 2.7 & 3.6 packages, and easy_install, pip, distutils, etc all install where they're supposed to.

          1. Tom 7

            Re: A truly epic xkcd...

            Gene Cash. I only have 2 installed as system wide pythons - the same as you. However many interesting python projects use libraries that are not consistent with the main distributions and so you have to run them under pipenv and each instance install the whole bloody world of libraries with your project.

            And worse you have to remember to close the pipenv your working in when you move to another project otherwise all hell breaks loose again!

            And if you accidentally install anaconda....

            1. Dave559

              Re: A truly epic xkcd...

              "Snake, snake, it's a sssnake!"

  3. Derek Jones

    Python 2/3 usage and transition (or not)

    Most developers are still working in a Python 2/3 compatible world (where is a billionaire, to fund continuing support, when you need one).

  4. Anon Friday


    Improving speed was one of the aims for this release and Python’s keepers proudly report that the new version that the new version offers “Notable performance improvements in many areas.”

  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge


    It looks like 3.7 gains full support for threading. This makes me feel a bit better about turning down job interviews when the employer is a die-hard CPython fan. I like threads. I dislike having to run 32 copies of an app on each machine and dealing with scaleability issues 32 times sooner. Ask your database administrator if you can open 32 connections per machine instead of 1 or 2. Then run like hell.

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