back to article Infosec bod wagers web bookie BetVictor is lax on password protection

Gambling site BetVictor has been caught leaving what appears to be the administrator credentials for its website out on the public internet. Security researcher Chris Hogben today said the Gibraltar-based betting site had left help articles online that included usernames and passwords for its internal systems. His secret for …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge
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    "Liverpool-connected bookies, who now will never walk unpwned."

    Nice one, Shaun.

    Icon: no CO2, no beer.

  2. Keef

    Tax avoiders the lot of 'em

    Maybe slightly off topic.

    Now I know tax avoidance is legal, but.

    We go after others that do it so why not the bookies?

    The UK operators are all based in the Channel Islands or Gibraltar, both well known for their strict Jurisdiction on tax law :-)

    And I do mean that, they are very strict on on their tax laws, they just happily use their tax status for gambling outfits and others suit their purposes.

    No need to go to the cost of having anything more expensive like Panama, the Caymen Islands or Bermuda or their ilk when you can do it closer to home and more likely to be protected.

    We may one day cast adrift the more remote outposts of our erstwhile empire.

    The Channel Islands and Gibraltar will remain protected and enjoy their tax benefits until long after my passing,

    BTW, it is rather expensive to live in those tax havens, no free NHS for example. Should things go wrong for you, you might have to foot the bill for a medevac if you get ill.

    Not so much of a worry for an offshored company with a mobile number for a contact though.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Tax avoiders the lot of 'em

      Are you suggesting going after them "because they have money" or "because they have fallen foul of an existing tax law"?

      I suspect (I'm not a tax lawyer so don't take my word for it...) they haven't broken any existing tax laws and comply with all necessary requirements to operate in the jurisdictions they do...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    10 to 1

    The Sys-Admin will be scratched.

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