back to article Microsoft's next trick? Kicking things out of the cloud to Azure IoT Edge

After years of urging its customers to move their compute onto its Azure cloud, Microsoft is trying to push them out. Or at least nudge them to move some of their work out of data centers to edge devices that can offer better response times. To do this, Redmond has made Azure IoT Edge available to all Azure Cloud customers, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Cloud is people too...

    "We don't want boring stuff about hardware failures or activity logs, we want the juicy content stuff."

  2. RyokuMas

    "Azure IoT Edge"

    I think my brain just exploded from buzzword/cross-promotion overload...

  3. Naselus

    For their next trick

    They'll encourage you to move everything off the IoT edge devices onto a large number of individual devices which house both storage and compute in one box. And they'll be kept on-prem, possibly in a dedicated, air-conditioned room, in order to eliminate network latency problems.

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