back to article The Splunk that got sunk: Log-lover ends support for mobile apps

Splunk’s cooking up something new and mobile, which means its old mobile stuff is about to get sunk. The company slipped out news of the imminent change late last week, revealing that as of August 13th, 2018, “we will no longer be supporting the Splunk Add-on for Mobile Access and the Splunk Mobile App”. Both will keep …

  1. Ian K

    I know there's always Google, but...

    ...for unenlightened types like me it would have been nice for the article to give some small clue as to what Splunk is/does/sells.

    After following the link to their web site I'm still not 100% sure - cloud services of some sort?

    1. derfer

      Re: I know there's always Google, but...

      It obvious what they do, just to clear it up for everyone:

      'Splunk gives you the real time answers you need to meet customers expectations and business goals.'

      Your welcome


    2. Mint Sauce

      Re: I know there's always Google, but...

      Came here to say the same. I still have no idea what product and/or service they sell. I was going to try to find a relevant old Dilbert to link to... But pretty much any of them will do.

    3. Dunstan Vavasour

      Re: I know there's always Google, but...

      They're diversifying, but the core product can be thought of as grep on steroids.

      There are shiny product pitches, but basically it collects logfiles from, or runs scripts on anything, chucks it into an index cluster of brobdingnagian proportions and then greps your amalgamated data really really fast. Main use cases are IT Ops and security analytics where the swiss army knife approach to schema-on-the-fly means you can correlate anything with anything.

      It's proprietary, licensed in gigabytes per day of indexed data. Lots of places index terrabytes per day: they pay lots of money in licensing and get lots of value out of it by being able to fix stuff before it breaks and costs money.

      [Disclaimer, I've got a load of Splunk certs and think it's actually pretty cool]

      1. Dunstan Vavasour

        Re: I know there's always Google, but...

        Oh, and if you're around London and like pizza, you can have a little play

  2. Stuclark

    Splunk is (simply put) a self or cloud hosted web-based application which slurps data from your A / B / C / X / Y / Z on-prem or cloudy application / log producer / disk space abuser and allows you to form "simple" queries against that data.

    The more data you ingest into Splunk, the more they charge you for the priviledge; but you can get it to show you some pretty charts and drop emails etc. based on pretty much any alert; such as when your receptionist starts looking up "BDSM for CEOs"

  3. Ian K
    Thumb Up

    Thanks to Duncan and Stu for the explanation!

    1. stiine Silver badge

      don't be too quick.

      Ask them how much it costs, first.

      1. hmv

        Re: don't be too quick.

        If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

        (But it is very, very nice)

  4. iron Silver badge

    Reading the original announcement it could be nothing more than a new mobile app, much like the old mobile app but new and with more features. (And no doubt some fad hipster douchebag language / backend used in its creation.)

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