back to article You've seen the hype. Now you're curious. Why not have a crack at AI using this online lab...

Microsoft has thrown open the doors to its AI Lab, a suite of beginner projects to help developers learn machine learning. There are five different experiments that cover computer vision, natural language processing, and drones. “Each lab gives you access to the experimentation playground, source code on GitHub, a crisp …

  1. Mayday
    Paris Hilton


    There's one domain name I wish I:

    a) actually thought of

    b) bought

  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    Is it just me?

    Or does it seem like these are nothing more that programming problems that have already been solved?

    1. Tchou

      Re: Is it just me?

      Just my thought. If this is AI then we have AI since the 80's.

      1. JDX Gold badge

        Re: Is it just me?

        We're really off to a flying start with the idiotic comments today. This is a lab for noob AI developers wanting to get some understanding, and you're complaining it's not solving formerly unsolved problems?

        This especially:

        >If this is AI then we have AI since the 80's.

        Seriously? If a problem has already been solved by non-AI/ML means then solving it a new way is meaningless?

        I hope when your kids get into coding and proudly show you their version of Pong you will tell them kindly, how useless their efforts are.

        1. Tchou

          Re: Is it just me?


          While I understand your arguments, I can't help but worry about the hype surrounding AI for decades with very little substance in the end.

          The example cited in the article (and your Pong example) are all fine to learn programming, and some not trivial at all. But AI? I call BS.

          Let's have a pint now.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Use our Labs

    and we'll use your ideas

    Gee thanks.

    1. veti Silver badge

      Re: Use our Labs

      Ideas are ten a penny. I'm really not worried about Microsoft stealing those.

      Implementation, that's where the money is. And by the time you're ready to tackle that, you should have long since graduated from this "playground" environment anyway.

      1. Tchou

        Re: Use our Labs

        It's a funny comment because Microsoft (among others) is well known to steal ideas and to suck at implementing them.

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