back to article FACE/OFF: Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission bins NEC-built biometrics project

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has unplugged a biometric identification project. The ACIC cited project delays as the reason it's terminated its contract with NEC Australia. NEC won the contract in 2016 from the ACIC's predecessor organisation, CrimTrac, and it was supposed to be operational in 2017, …

  1. EnviableOne Silver badge

    so AUS has the same formula we have in uk

    .gov + IT = C*ck-up in the making

    1. Rustbucket

      What, since when have privately initiated, large IT projects been any more successful?

      I seem to remember reading about a large UK bank with some problems recently.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Digital Insanity, Analog Reality

    Somehow Assistive Technology (AT) just seems better than something doing it all itself (AI).

    We living in a futuristic world where fantasy television has lit the imagination of the many, the reality is it will take much longer to get it right than any one expected.

    #Kiddyware is Software under development or not tried and truly proven.

    If anything is implemented it will ruin peoples lives unless there are intelligent human guardians watching over the #Kiddyware and using it reasonably.

  3. RobertsonCR7
    Paris Hilton

    guys your giving me a headache

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