back to article HP PC boss quits tech for fur baby future

HP Inc exec Ron Coughlin is quitting the dog-eats-dog world of peddling PCs and heading into the more cuddly-sounding - but no doubt competitive - one of speciality pet retailing. Coughlin has held senior positions at HP including GM for LaserJet hardware, head of consumer PCs, and president of the $33bn turnover personal …

  1. lglethal Silver badge

    "...we will have unwavering commitment to innovation and flawless execution"

    Flawless Execution... Perhaps not the best choice of words for someone now working for a petshop...

  2. Superba Frango

    Not sure it is a great fit for either

    For Petco, which is retail which lives an dies with execution (logistics costs, inventory, etc) you just hired a Marketing guy who I think has a limited experience with operational details. The Board better insist that Ron goes out and hires a very strong Ops guy ASAP (not having a person with any Ops experience is almost what did in HP 15 years ago. Carly was a marketing self-promoter who never even bothered to hire a COO while Dell had 2 in addition to a CEO who was an Ops guy at heart, and the results were bloated costs and inefficiencies while she was running around looking for photo-ops.).

    For Ron, you just joined what looks like another "Category Killer Megastore" which are getting slaughtered by Online and Mega-retailers like WM. Is Petco going to be the next "Sports Authority" or "Toys R Us?". As a guy who owns 4 dogs, I can tell you the only time I go into a Petco is to get my dogs nails trimmed occasionally? Dog Food?...Costco. Dog treats or medicine sort of stuff?...Amazon. I think mega-pet stores are on the "headed for extinction" list at this point. And how exciting is it going to be to get in front of a crowd and not talk about the lastest tech, but rather pretend how excited you are to start carrying the latest Kong chew toys?

  3. Mark 85 Silver badge

    I've never stepped foot into a Petco. Petsmart for grooming (although three's a local lady who does a great job but is usually booked out months in advance), vet for food (special diet) and meds, Target for snacks. No fuss, no muss as I go as close to home as I can find.

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