back to article The chances of anything really new coming from storage are a million to one, but still they come

El Reg's radio telescopes are trained on the storage galaxy and use super-advanced AI, machine learning and pattern-recognition techniques to tease information out of the noise. [Ed: Bullsh*t, you read the press releases and get sent a few tweets.] Let's see what the industry has to say this week. Actifio and Google's cloud …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge
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    Thumbs up for the War Of The Worlds headline.

    1. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge
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      Thumbs up for the Pterry reference.

    2. Headley_Grange Silver badge


      I listened to it last night for the first time in years. I'd forgotten about Phil Lynott.

    3. Christian Berger

      The musical was made on excess time for "Watership Down"

      Apparently the composer for "Watership Down" couldn't come up with enough music for the film, so the orchester padded and rearranged out what little they had and recorded that. The remaining time was sold to record the "War Of The Worlds" musical.

  2. Arthur the cat Silver badge

    Rewind and recover data sets of 100 or more terabytes in minutes

    Even the age of the universe can be expressed in minutes if one wishes.

  3. PNGuinn

    Dell has partnered with Sony Pictures

    Bye bye Dell then. Another one off the list.


  4. LateAgain

    "Million-to-one chances...crop up nine times out of ten"

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I heard that Datrium didn't just bring on a new CEO, but also two other people. I think both of them worked over at Sprinklr (same place Tim worked at).

    I'm wondering if they're cleaning house over there and bringing in a new crew. Anybody know more?

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