back to article Hybrid cloud's no fun, can't get nothing done – will Rubrik make you whole again?

As enterprises increasingly adopt hybrid multi-cloud IT strategies, they tend to find themselves mired in a multi-silo data management nightmare. Rubrik has stepped up to claim it can make the fractured mess whole again with its Alta software. Broadly speaking, Rubrik's Cloud Data Management Platform (CDM) supports Windows, …

  1. Rob Isrob

    Let me know when this is a thing

    "Alta also supports IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris environments and the company claimed this makes it easier for enterprises using these mature, old-style server operating systems to standardise on Rubrik and move their workloads to the cloud."

    Just exactly which "cloud" does AIX get moved to, Skytap? I recall IBM will run your AIX instances in their cloud, but it isn't very cloudy like. Plus the whole Power thing... last I checked, the cloud was a bunch of Intel boxes. Wow... and just looking at the Rubrik wording on their site, they make it seem like you are going to move an AIX instance to AWS, Azure or GCP. That can't be right.

    Thanks for being so kind , btw... "mature, old-style" it is somewhat more palatable than other monikers.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Veritas Flex / Access

    Isn't this the same IDM space Veritas is also playing in? I'm surprised El Reg didn't mention..

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