back to article Rackspace starts renting its rack space

Rackspace has entered the colocation business and invited world+dog to put its kit in the company’s data centres. The company’s pitching its service as a fine way for organisations to get used to cloud-style operations and says it’s a fine place to make such a foray because its data centres were built to host actual clouds and …

  1. Ole Juul

    Will they take Raspis?

    Just had to ask.

  2. ssharwood

    I reckon Rackspace will take anything you'll pay for

  3. TheVogon

    They told us only a month ago that Colo was not strategic to them. I guess a potential exodus of Datapipe customers quickly fixed that.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      A month ago they probably had fewer empty racks. Real cloud has seen explosive growth this year, and an acceptance by all but the most stubborn old timers that cloud is the new normal for data centre operations. As a result I'd imagine Rackspace DCs are starting to look a bit empty. This is a clever move though, or would be if Equinix hadn't got there first and done it better.

  4. Anne-Lise Pasch


    My kit's been hosted at Rackspace for years. *puzzled*

    1. ESP

      Re: Um


  5. Dwarf Silver badge


    They had too much free Rack Space ???

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Moores Law - More power in less space = more free space

    DCs were built when server kit was physically big, power hungry, required lots of cooling. Now server kit is shrinking in size, power efficeient and requires less cooling, so they have lots of empty racks to fill.

    Makes sense to offer a co-lo option, rather than building your own DC. All the benefits of someone else running the physical security, power & cooling etc but with all the benefits own running your own servers (instead of the Cloud aka someone else's servers).

  7. TheVogon

    "Now server kit is shrinking in size, power efficeient and requires less cooling"

    Actually it's more commonly increasing in power density and requires more cooling per rack!

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